CBD, Seizures and The Dogs We Love!

I received the following link via email this week.

I have several canine clients that visit us periodically that suffer from seizure disorders.  They’re treated with very heavy, barbiturate, anti-seizure drugs like: Phenobarbital.  I’m wary of that treatment long term.


Java on a short vacation with the family a few years before the cancer came back

I do know that I was able to keep my dog, Java, alive, for an extra half-decade via using Full Extract Cannabis Oil as a treatment to stave off her cancer. Once I ended the treatment due to her Laryngeal Paralysis, her cancer attacked with a vengeance.

I’m hoping that perhaps this would be a symbiotic treatment to other dogs with seizure disorders or other ailments.  I wouldn’t hesitate to try it.

Read on and let me know what you think.

CBD for Pets


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