Road Work Ahead!

road work


As many of you know, our street has it’s good points and its bad points.   All of these points can go either way, depending on mood and level of intoxication

Road Pro’s Con’s and Observations:

  • Long, looks like you’re headed into the middle of nowhere…   No one in their right mind would go down there with a stranger at night, in the dark…  In fact, I had a cab driver freak out so badly I made him pull over so I could walk the last 1/2 mile home, in the dark, in the middle of nowhere.
  • Thus isolation adds privacy and safety to curious dogs that may separate themselves from their owner’s leash or collar, or simply pull the leash our of mom’s hand to chase a bunny.  Please don’t let this happen, There’s well over 100 acres of suburbian woods to chase that dog  through.
  • Relatively quiet / except for the neighbor dogs that really want to come play at the ranch.
  • 1/2 a mile from cars rushing by at 50+ MPH
  • 1/2 a mile of bladder busting potholes.


As of today, Stage 1 of the Road Resurfacing project is completed.


Nope, we didn’t get the recycled asphalt topper we drooled over in the quote. Our potholes were deeper than anticipated and we had to pony up for much more filler than planned. We ran out of $$.

I am a little heartbroken, I was so hoping to never have to pay for another front end alignment… or buy more than 4 new front tires in a single year. (2  cars, but still,)

Who else gets a flat tire within one month of  replacing two front tires?

(No I don’t go around looking for dangerous holes to splash through.  I do think the guy in the video does…)


NOTE:  This video contains some naughty words, so if you’re offended by that, please turn down the volume.

The visual however, is what I think of each time I have driven down our road in the last 7 years.



Now that we’ve had a good laugh, I would  like to encourage everyone to  drive VERY SLOW and Easy on the road until we can afford to finish it proper.

It’s really nice right now, and I’d like to to stay that way until we can afford to finish it off.

Hoping that Next summer we will all be dancing in the street… a nice, recycled, asphalt, topped street.

pothole from hell

Goodbye Potholes from HELL!


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